Our expert in dermatology

Marcel Kovalik MVDr PhD DipECVD MRCVS is our Dermatology Specialist who sees all skin related cases that your family veterinarian might refer your pet for.

Typically these are itchy, allergic pets with frustrating ear and skin conditions that have been going on for a while and have proved difficult to manage with conventional treatment. Our dermatologist will perform a comprehensive clinical and laboratory workup to establish the cause and then devise an effective treatment plan.

Treatment approaches may include immunotherapy, novel exclusion diets and targeted drug therapy. Ongoing owner support is integral in helping to help get these often frustrating and chronic conditions under control.

Marcel qualified as a veterinary surgeon from The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice (Slovak Republic) in 2004. Following graduation he obtained a PhD in the field of allergology, pharmacology and immunology.

In 2007 he moved to the UK and joined a small animal practice where he received cases in internal medicine, dermatology and routine surgery.  In 2008, Marcel began a three year Residency programme in Veterinary Dermatology, approved by the European College of Veterinary Dermatology, at The University of Edinburgh, during this Residency, as well as teaching duties, and providing referral dermatology services for private veterinary practitioners Marcel was involved in clinical research and review studies resulting in 20 published papers.

Marcel was presented with the Young Investigator’s prize for the best research abstract presented at the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology in 2010, and was awarded the Ulrike Runge Harms Award of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology in 2011. In 2012 he was board-certified by the European College of Veterinary Dermatology and is a member of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology, the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

He has special interest in veterinary dermatohistopathology and dermatological therapeutics and is interested in all aspects of canine, feline and equine dermatoses, but particularly:

  • ear diseases
  • bacterial and fungal skin infections
  • allergic skin diseases
  • alopecia
  • hair follicle diseases
  • autoimmune skin and claw diseases
  • disorders of keratinisation and pigmentation

Marcel is also a European medical and scientific illustrator.